Digital Change at the Speed of Markets

Unlock the Potential of Digital Change

Digitalization is not just a trend, but a permanent change in the way we do business in the future. At the „CDC“ we constantly analyse digital trends and develop new technologies to support our customers in facing the rapid changes of volatile markets.


From Push to Pull 

Digital customers drive the Digital Change. Their involvement goes far beyond buying a product or a service. To know what they want before they even know themselves is an essential asset to foster customer loyalty. And data is the key. By analyzing and bundling internal data and enriching them with external sources, we enable our clients to stay at the cutting edge in business.

3 Keys for Cracking the Code


Smart Data is the new Big Data


Every millisecond we record and generate data. At the same speed companies need to analyze and understand all that data to be able to improve business and detect new opportunities. With our expertise we make your big data smart.


Time to Market is Crucial 


We focus on solutions that enable our clients to take on the digital transformation process step-by-step, by building on flexible and fully integrated business models and technologies. Quick learnings can easily be implemented and steered to new business opportunities.


Rapid prototyping 


Speed is the key success factor in the digital era. Rapid prototyping is essential to launch new business opportunities. We have the necessary expertise and tools to guarantee a successful real-time transformation.

Developing Future Opportunities

Our Future Lab

At the Center for Digital Change we focus on the development of relevant future technologies, essential for our customers to leverage the advantages of digital change and manage disruptive threats in real-time.


By bringing together proven experts from all digital areas, we support our clients throughout the whole transformation process – from identifying business potentials to developing, prototyping and launching solutions. And, as digital transformation is not a one-time process, we constantly work on new solutions for our clients on a strategical and technological level.


Areas we focus on

Collective Data Intelligence

The amount of available data is huge and relevant insights struggle through complexity. From big data to smart data is todays challenger. New forms of data management and speeding up processes is one of our key topics within the Center for Digital Change and our CDI Engine an answer towards future.

Virtual Realities

Virtual Reality made it to the next stage, opening a parallel universe with stunning new opportunities for various industries and possibly becomes a game changer of our daily lives experience.

Future Retail

In times of changing customer habits and the massive growth of eCommerce classic POS will take a new and different role in future retail. We develop touch points to boost customer experience by individualization through smart data same as future media integration.

Our Partners

Interdisciplinary competencies are a key for detecting new opportunities and developing digital transformation with the speed and potentials of dynamic markets. The Center for Digital Change is a hub for exchanging competencies, building strategic alliances to co-creating holistic future business solutions. 




Retail Banking Solutions

Next Generation in interactive POS-Hardware-Solutions

Shop-fitting Solutions

Digital Advertising and Customer Service

Collective Intelligence and Cultural Change

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