Next standard for Dynamic Omnichannel Retail

Future ready for your
dynamic POS Strategies

Opening the point-of-sale towards an integrated omnichannel strategy is no longer a question of “if” and “when”. The retail industry has already undergone a fundamental shift and the only question is how to face it.

jt’retail provides a seamless and personalized omnichannel shopping and brand experience for your customers. And apart from boosting sales it promotes your employees’ skills at the same time. With our field-tested jt’retail series you can merge the merits of your physical POS with the virtues of online shopping and benefit from a fully integrated, flexible and scalable solution.

Flexibly leveraging full Retail Potentials

jt’retail is based on the powerful CDI-engine, an abundant selection of dynamic POS-channels and a set of valuable, seamlessly integratable extensions.

CDI Engine

jt’retail’s Collective Data Intelligence Engine lets your data work for you. Full realtime availability and control of all your data at your Point of Sale.


Add new digital touchpoints to your POS and dynamically interlink them to take your store concept to the next level.


Tailor your POS-channels to meet your specific demands and give your strategy and processes the perfect fit.

Key Success-Factors

jt’retail perfectly prepares the grounds for future growth and innovation.


Growing with the opportunities of markets


Creating unique customer journeys


Enabling employees to perform

Enabling Dynamic Strategies

Dynamic strategies for agile markets

Gain full control over all your POS-channels and easily integrate various environments such as existing online shop data, local warehouse systems or CRM solutions. jt´retail fully reflects existing and new business processes through integration and backchannels. We combine internal and external knowledge to open new sales opportunities, allowing you to leverage your sales potentials. Time to market is one of the key success factor for taking business opportunities at the speed of markets.

Time to Market

jt’retail provides you with a jump-start into taking the point-of-sale to the next level.

Realtime Opportunities

Benefit from the flexibility to adapt your POS-communication in real-time.

Evolution Journey

Take step by step and build your digital expansion on valuable insights and learnings.

Inspiring Customers

Seamless Customer Journey

jt’retail works fully integrated within existing data systems, delivering a unique and seamless customer journey across all digital touchpoints. Our approach ensures the smooth integration of all your relevant business data and processes for a holistic point of sales experience.


jt’retail gives you full flexibility in tailoring your POS-channels for a perfect customer experience and comprehensive and seamless availability of data. Let your customers benefit from a great shopping experience, touch them with emotions and make them stick.

Customer ID

The connecting link for a smooth shopping experience across all channels.


Personalised shopping and guided selling based on customer-specific needs and interests.

Sales standards

Sophisticated consulting expertise at the point-of-sale and throughout the whole sales journey.

Empowering Employees

Setting Sales Standards

jt’retail offers you full modularity in supporting your sales processes and your staff. By giving your employees digital guidance and by making all relevant product- and sales information available at a fingertip, they can focus on the sales and consulting aspect, offer personalised product as well as cross-selling suggestions and ensure high-level sales efficiency.

Customer ID

Every touchpoint gives new insights and lets you address your customers even better.

Cross Selling

Boost your sales by letting cross-selling become an integral part of your POS.

KnowHow Transfer

Provide your sales staff with full product know-how at a fingertip.

Sharing Knowledge and Insights

10 Years of POS-Expertise

The jt’retail reflects more than 10 years of experience in developing and implementing dynamic POS-solutions at the highest level.


Choose from a full range of digital POS-channels to build the solution which meets your specific needs and strategy.


Flexibly scale your digital POS - add channels, sales regions and new POS structures, ... as needed.


jt’retail is suited for various sales structures, from regular stores to flagship stores to the integration of external partners (eg. shop-in-shop).


jt‘series flexibly and seamlessly blends into your existing infrastructure and processes.


Our product comes with an extensive range of features and functions, tailorable to meet your specific demands.


jt‘retail series is a unique and future-proof solution, constantly reflecting and anticipating the challenges of the market.