Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

Crossfit is more than just fitness, it‘s a holistic new training that combines strength, endurance, power, flexibility and nutrition into a completely new lifestyle. Crossfit is about reaching out for new personal development and going beyond expectations. Even the US Navy Seals opted for Crossfit as their preferred training method.


If you expect mirrors, classic fitness equipment or towels at the reception, possibly Crossfit won’t be your first choice. When first entering Crossfit Vienna’s „the dungeon“, we we immediately caught by the sound of bumping plates and the sight of a group of people enthusiastically pushing themselves to their limits. Surprisingly, these enthusiasts are neither over trained musclemen nor shady characters but lawyers, students, housewives and other people like you and me. Crossfit has a strong spirit and a fantastic community.


Got Started


For some of us, beginning work for Crossfit was also the start of our training. By getting infected with the Crossfit virus within a few days, it was an easy and pleasant task to translate our own experiences into movies, web and corporate design.