Collective Data Intelligence

The CDI Engine

With Collective Data Intelligence to new Business Opportunities

With the Collective Data Intelligence (CDI) Engine, the Center for Digital Change developed a new standard for dynamic transformation processes. Our Collective Data Intelligence Engine™ accumulates and enhances data and knowledge from various internal and external sources, processes them on the basis of dynamic data algorithms and makes business potentials visible in real-time.


Due to our systems architecture we can flexibly build on existing technologies and workflows, thereby avoiding massive changes in business processes and IT infrastructure. This enables a flexible evolution processing at the speed of markets.

Smart Data Management

The era of data silos, with vast amount of information spread across numerous disconnected locations and systems, is coming to its end. The CDI Engine™ pools and interlinks data from various sources in one central data lake and serves as powerful channel-management and -monitoring tool.


Customer Journey & Insights

The smart data interlinking, based on intelligent algorithms, provides completely new insights into customers needs and preferences and allows for a new way of leveraging business potentials. Furthermore, it paves the ground for unique omnichannel customer journeys.

Our CDI Services

We provide our customers in identifying new data insights and gaining sales potentials. Our services cover the full range from analysis and concept to piloting, implementation and operations.



The CDI delivers stunning insights and possibilities in interacting with customers, by detecting their demands on prediction and realtime data. Creating individual dataflows by triggered pulse campaigens trought internal as external channels, fully involving sales staff, spreading sales standards becomes a vital circulation of business opportunities.  



As the CDI is already an integral part of our „jt’retail solution“ we ongoingly enhance dynamic POS opportunities with the evolving possibilities of arising new technologies. Together with partners and customers we develop new solutions that work highly integrated within existing frameworks. Find more at jt’retail

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