Dynamic Digital Signage

Your Location Based Media Channel

jt’s Digital Signage provides full access to product and media data and is thus able to create ads dynamically and individually – triggered by individual shop activities or other business-relevant parameters. This enables a new flexibility in regional and individual offers, supporting store promotions, and cross- and up-selling dynamically.

Digital Signage
Dynamic Instore Advertising

  • fully integrated into the POS
  • interaction with other POS-channels
  • cutting-edge multimedia experience
  • individual content on a store/location level
  • realtime data flow
  • fully brandable

Benefit from

General Benefits

full integration with other POS-channels
flexible control on an individual store level
automatic targeting via predefined triggers
easy-to-use solution

Sales Team Benefits

easy to add ad-hoc promotions
automatic targeting via predefined triggers

Customer Benefits

relevant information
seamless customer journey

Integrated Into Your Sales Process

jt‘Digital Signage works dynamically hand in hand with the Virtual Shelf. Browsing specific products automatically, it triggers cross- and up-selling offers on the digital signage screens.

Full Media Customer Experience

jt‘Digital Signage offers the full range of opportunities in pushing the shopping experience to the next level through dynamic media. Supporting various screen formats in combination with dynamic program control, makes digital signage a fully integrated part of customer information and an emotional shopping and brand experience.