Future Retail

Future Retail – it`s  Omnichannel

The Point of Sale has undergone a huge transformation process during the last years and this transformation is still ongoing. But every change offers new opportunities and the potentials arising in the sector are immense.


Suddenly there is this connecting link between the „classic“ brick-and-mortar-shops and eCommerce. Digital touchpoints at the POS facilitate a seamless new personalized omnichannel shopping and brand experience and help to boost sales and promote employees’ skills at the same time.

POS – from Point Of Sales to Point Of Solutions

When the customer reaches the point of sales, he is already well informed. What he expects is that you know about his former journey. So the Point of Sales turns into a Point of Solutions. The possibility to follow your customer`s DNA turns the brick-and-mortar-area into an exiting gateway within Omni-Channeling, the node of customers loyalty. It turns out to be the emotional stage for your brand- and product presentation.

Designing next Customer Journeys

During the last 10 years we have pioneered innovative solutions for the digital POS and successfully shown, how local retailers can strengthen their position and benefit from the digital change.

With our field-tested jt’retail solution it is possible to merge the merits of the physical POS with the virtues of online shopping and benefit from a fully integrated, flexible and scalable solution.


As we have pioneered the last 10 years we are constantly working on doing the same for the next 10 years. The Center for Digital Change is the breeding ground and constant catalyst for further expansion and development of products to make online and offline to ONE customer journey.

Our Retail Services

jt’retail is the ideal solution for a broad set of retail industry sectors as supermarkets, fashion, pharmacy, home living, property markets, franchise cooperations, food chains and many more.  Discover the full range of our retail-standards at jt’retail.

In addition to our wide ranging standard applications, at jt`cd we provide customers with tailored developments and integration of specific technologies.

Tailor Made

The variety of omnichannel tools to improve your customers POS experience is mind blowing. Together with you we define new business goals and set up an individual omnichannel solution, tailor-made according to your industry, company-size and your vision.

Constant Evaluation

After implementation of our solutions, we constantly evaluate the outcome and optimize all gateways to guarantee our customers the best possible omnichannel results.

Individual Integration

As digital transformation is not a one time process, we set up our solutions in a way that additional channels can be added easily any time without influencing business operations.

Stay ahead of the Future

At the Center for Digital Change, our Retail Experts constantly screen the market for future technologies. In our lab, we analyze and test them until they are aproved and ready to be easily added to an existing omnichannel network.

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