Designed to meet your requirements

Linking Sales Staff to Knowledge

The Mobile Shelf provides the full range of relevant information for your sales team, is customizable to your specific demands and scalable at any time. No matter whether it’s product information, crm-based customer information or individual employee skills – the Mobile Shelf is your sales staff’s dynamic and personal sales assistant.

The Mobile Shelf
Enable Your Sales Team to Reach the Next Level of Excellence

  • guided selling
  • cross-selling
  • up-selling
  • outdoor usage
  • individual content on a store/location level
  • content enrichment with internal information
  • full e-commerce integration
  • realtime data flow

Benefit from

General Benefits

full know-how for your sales staff
guided selling functionality
all information easily accessible
reduce storage costs and maximize space efficiency

Sales Team Benefits

seamless sales process
usage outside stores
all information available during the sales pitch
extended product range available mobile

Customer Benefits

seamless customer journey
cutting-edge shopping experience
comprehensive product information
enhanced mobility at the POS

Seamless Channel Interaction

Flexibly switch from Mobile to Virtual Shelf and back if mobility is needed during a sales talk.



Your Digital Sales Assistant

The Mobile Shelf is the perfect solution for giving your sales staff all relevant information at hand at any time. In the same way as the Virtual Shelf, it provides guided selling, up- and cross-selling options in combination with extended sales information up to specific customer histories and preferences in combination with your crm.

The Mobile Shelf operates in a fully integrated way within your shop channels.


Full Product Integration on Hand

No matter whether it’s RFID or EAN-codes, the Mobile Shelf easily interacts with physical products, offering relevant sales information and also putting them into the customer-specific basket.


Accessing experts on demand

Easily link experts into sales talks! The Virtual Shelf brings individual expertise to any place. Activate experts live during sales talks easily at a fingertip via the embedded video conferencing system.