Unfolding full POS Potentials

Dynamic Omni Channel POS 

The jt’retail Collective Date Intelligence Engine is a dynamic data and process interface to your shops and gives you full control over all your POS-channels. Due to its flexible architecture, it can easily integrate various heterogeneous environments such as existing online shop data, local warehouse systems, CRM, … and fully reflects existing and new business processes through integration and backchannels.


Seamless Integration of Data and Processes

The jt’retail platform is tailored to your specific requirements and can be scaled at any time alongside changing strategies and business opportunities. Our approach ensures the smooth integration of all your relevant business data and processes.

This gives you flexibility in tailoring POS-channels according to your strategic approaches, ensuring a seamless customer journey and full availability of data. jt’retail builds on enhanced data flow models, ensuring smooth data flows and sales processes with fast processing of large data volumes and real-time data distribution via server push-/pull-mechanisms.


Reflecting Internal and External Sales Structures

jt’retail can be tailored to your business structures. Alongside internal responsibilities, various data sources and expert pools, it also fully reflects sales structure in terms of regional aspects, varying branch sizes, differing assortments and sales partners.