Interactive Salesdesk

One-to-One Interaction

The Interactive Sales Desk enables full face-to-face multi-touch interaction with customers, providing a new sales experience. Drag, drop, click, zoom & shift! The Virtual Sales Desk lets you interact in a completely new way whilst accessing the full range of functionalities provided by the Virtual Shelf in terms of data, media and sales processes.

The Interactive Salesdesk
Dynamic Interaction with your Customers

  • shop-in-shop solutions
  • enhanced interaction with the customer
  • guided selling, cross-selling, up-selling
  • cutting-edge multimedia experience
  • individual content on a store/location level
  • full e-commerce integration
  • realtime data flow

Benefit from

General Benefits

increased sales
coherent sales standards
reduced storage costs
space efficiency extended assortments

Sales Team Benefits

enhanced interaction with the customer
know-how support guided selling functionality
all information easily accessible
seamless sales process

Customer Benefits

cutting-edge shopping experience
seamless customer journey
comprehensive product information

The New Shopping Experience

Take mere one-to-one interaction to the next level and interlink the Interactive Sales Desk with physical products in your store. Provide your customers with all relevant data in one place and make their shopping experience a special one.


Seamless Customer Journey

The Interactive Sales Desk is the perfect tool when it comes to completing sales talks in separated shop areas. Preselected products from the store or from your online shop can serve as a start selection for final recommendations and advices.