Deliver Excellence to Your Sales Partners

jt’retail takes shop-in-shop concepts to the next level. Support your sales partners with the full brand experience you can offer. Extended assortments, product information, guided selling, self service or even live experts via video. jt’shop-in-shop solutions work dynamically and are fully integrated within your system, ensuring full sales power throughout your entire partner sales network.

Shop-in-Shop Solutions
Multimedia Sales Ambassador

  • full assortment
  • extensive sales support
  • guided selling, cross-selling, up-selling
  • integration of a live expert via video
  • individual content on a store/location level
  • full e-commerce integration
  • realtime data flow

Benefit from

General Benefits

increased sales
dedicated brand identity
coherent sales standards
reduced storage costs
space efficiency
extended assortments

Sales Team Benefits

know-how support
video sales support guided selling functionality
all information easily accessible
seamless sales process

Customer Benefits

seamless customer journey
extended assortments
cutting-edge shopping experience
comprehensive product information

Exploit Your Full Sales Potential

Supporting partners with your full sales power is key for leveraging brand experience in daily business. jt’retail Shop-in-Shop solutions set the stage dynamically and are always up to date. Choose from all modules – jt’retail offers the perfect mix for making your know-how visible and supporting your external sales.

From Assisted Selling to Self-Service

jt’retail Shop-in-Shop enables partners to leverage sales know-how or take advantage of self-service. Sales up to commercial checkout have never been so easy.

Live Experts & Partner Skills

jt’retail Shop-in-Shop offers a direct live channel to your partner’s shop. A powerful tool in supporting your partners with experts, and training them through webinars and e-learning lessons