Your dynamic POS

Unlimited Sales Potentials

The Virtual Shelf opens up the next dimension in POS-sales, combining the best of two worlds: full online integration and the power of personal sales talks. Establish one sales standard across your whole retail structure, increase the revenue per customer significantly and reduce storage costs at the same time.

The Virtual Shelf Your Full Assortment at a Finger Tip

  • guided selling
  • cross-selling
  • up-selling
  • cutting-edge multimedia experience
  • individual content on a store/location level
  • full e-commerce integration
  • realtime data flow

Benefit from

General Benefits

increased sales (up- and cross-selling)
coherent sales standards
reduced storage costs
extended & individual assortments

Sales Team Benefits

know-how support at the POS
guided-selling functionality
all information easily accessible
seamless sales process

Customer Benefits

seamless customer journey
extended assortments
cutting-edge shopping experience
comprehensive product information

Boost your Sales – Endless Possibilities

The Virtual Shelf gives you full modularity in supporting your sales processes, empowering full media experience and ensuringing sales efficiency.

Unlimited Shopping Experience

Let your product presentation turn into a stunning media experience.

The Virtual Shelf opens up completely new ways of product presentation and leverages your presentation space into an interactive sales assistant.

Triggered Impulse Purchase

Selections made by the customer can trigger fitting media contents on linked signage screens, supporting the sales talk through brand image, extended product information and cross- or up-selling recommendations.

Inspire Your Customers

The flexible frontend interface of the Virtual Shelf enables new experiences in browsing product ranges and pushing customers’ shopping experience to the next level.

Seamless Sales Processes

Enhanced product information, availability, cross-selling, up-selling or plans? The Virtual Shelf seamlessly interacts with physical products simply via RFID or EAN code, thus giving the integrated shopping experience a new dimension.

Guided, Cross- & Up-Selling Standards

The Virtual Shelf makes it easy to establish sales standards through guided and assisted selling within your whole sales network, enabling employees to increase the revenue per customer significantly and focus on their personal sales talks.

Experts on Demand

Easily link experts into sales talks! The Virtual Shelf brings individual expertise to any place. Activate experts live during sales talks at a fingertip via the embedded video conferencing system.

Seamless Device Integration

The Virtual Shelf is capable of interacting with your existing customer app or with the jt’retail customer card app. Preselected products (e.g. by your customer at home) can serve as start selection on the Virtual Shelf, providing a seamless customer journey